Thursday, July 24, 2014

links: mermaids

Mermaid Birthday Party | pillow thought This is one lucky 4-year-old. Her mama went above and beyond to through her a beautiful mermaid birthday party complete with a scaly ombre cake, aquarium Jello jars and a treasure hunt! Also  crabwiches. Just too good. Making mental notes for future party planning (for my birthday parties of course...).

Sous La Mer | Teepublic I really don't need any more t-shirts ever, but maybe as a print?

Anna Paquin Dons New “Mermaid” Hair Color | Refinery29 Yes, I am a True Blood fan. No, I am not a Sookie fan, but I am a fan of her new mermaid hair. I'm jealous.

How Glenn Casale Helped The Little Mermaid Find Her Feet | Huffington Post Only a few more days until I get to see TLM here in Raleigh! I have been hoping to see it live ever since this first came out on Broadway. I know it will be fantastic!

13 Secret Mermaid Confessions From Whisper | Buzzfeed Pretty much!

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