Wednesday, July 16, 2014

DIY Home: Easy Kitchen Island Hooks

We are settling into our new home a little more every day. Since moving in we have been taking on small projects here and there every weekend. Small projects with big impact such as installing a peep hole in the front door, a new screen door to the deck and this project, installing a set of hooks on the kitchen island.

The idea spark for this project came from three needs 1. my interest in styling the island 2. a place to hang a dish towel to dry hands after washing in the sink, and 3. my oven mits that once lived atop our toaster oven no longer had a home because we got rid of the toaster oven and have yet to replace it.

I perused Pinterest and a few design blogs for awhile, but wasn't really finding the inspiration that I was looking for. Finally, I just Googled: "How to style a kitchen island" which resulted in a link to a slideshow called 26 Great Ideas for Kitchen Islands on the Country Living website. The title is spot one, there are a bunch of great ideas for kitchen islands, but there was one photo in particular that caught my eye.

This photo became the inspiration for this little DIY project. No, the answer here isn't "add puppy to kitchen and everything will be perfect!" even though I wish that was true. It's the hooks on the side of that rolling kitchen cart!

You can see in the "before" photo of our kitchen that the side of the island that is facing the table is completely flat. The parallel side has a horizontal outlet and is also where we have our kitchen trashcan.

We picked up 4 Command hooks in brushed nickel at Walmart. They are easy to install and easy to remove one day when it's time, no drilling holes into the island needed. Aaron used a laser level to make sure they were all sitting at the same height and we let them settle in for a few hours before hanging anything on them.

The finished hooks with a dish towel and pot holders.

Close up shot of the cutest pot holder and mermaid trivet from the Maryland RenFest.

Top of the island with our micro basil plant from Logan's and Porcelain Red Pomegranate Vase by NewMoonStudio on Etsy.

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