Thursday, January 16, 2014

Triangle Restaurant Week - Winter 2014

I am not a fan of January.

Sorry to all of you who celebrate a birthday or an anniversary in January, but it really is the worst month of the year. January is COLD. If we get any winter weather in the Triangle, it usually shows up in January. As we all know January is the rebound month that you must suffer through after spending November and December basking in all of the holiday season love. January = no good.

Yep, I've felt some strong negativity about the first month of the year for a long time, but guess what - I just found a reason to maybe, sorta-kinda like January... just a little bit. (I'm saying that out loud in the voice of Lily's doctor from How I Met Your Mother).

Triangle Restaurant Week!

Restaurant weeks are recently new to me. I'm sure they have been around in every city that I have lived in, I just never paid attention. My first experience was last August when Aaron and I kicked off my birthday celebration with dinner at Gravy (ohhhh, I'm having memories of the risotto balls...YUM) during Downtown Raleigh Restaurant Week - and we loved it!

Triangle Restaurant Week is a week-long event featuring over 80 restaurants in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and surrounding areas. Restaurants will offer fixed-price, three-course menu options. A 3-course lunch is $15 and a 3-course dinner is $20 or $30 per person.

The event kicks off Monday, Jan. 20 and runs through Jan. 26. The full like up of participating restaurants and their menus can be found at the very well designed TRW website, Reservations are recommended.

Now the really hard part - WHICH RESTAURANT TO CHOOSE? We are going to stick with participating restaurants in Raleigh, just because it's easier to make it to a week night dinner close to home, but it will be a tough choice just looking at the list. 

Any suggestions?

Be sure to follow Triangle Restaurant Week on Twitter #TRW and especially Facebook for updates and giveaways. It looks like the TRW Facebook page is being updated multiple times a day with $50 gift cards giveaways to local restaurants!

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